Borrowing a number of research findings, when we were still a baby we smile hundreds of times each day. Once we grow old we only smile few times a day. Few suffering old people even never smile. This rises a question, as we grow old where does the energy of joy disappear?

Outer Body
US president Barrack Obama is a good example. Before becoming president his outer body was so bright. He is even received peace Noble prize in the beginning years of his presidency. But in the last years of 2013, it's hard to deny the outer light is darkening.

The question then, what happen with political power and wealth, its impact to outer light is so dark. Medical science found some anti-aging techniques, nutrition experts have examined the human body deeply, but it is still unable to halt the darkening light of outer body. To be frank, this darkening light does not only happen to Obama, it happens to many politicians, rich and powerful people. The former US foreign minister Hillary Clinton even should quit her career as politician because of illness.

Spiritually speaking, the older we are the more we need the light. More specifically in the moment of death, without the provision of light then the next trip will be very scary. As it is often heard in the spiritual realm, one who is light inside will meet light everywhere, one who is darkness inside will meet darkness everywhere.

Inner Body
After learning from this experience, deep spiritual inquiries concentrate more on the inner body. The outer body is usually wrapped as simple as possible. But the inner body of feeling, perception, mental formations, consciousness are all treated as careful as possible. And meditation is one of good way to take good care of the inner body.

In meditation, whatever the form of feelings (pleasure-pain), perception (right-wrong), mental formations (happy-sad) with all forms of duality in consciousness, are all seen in the same distance, all greeted with the same gentle smile. Before being touched by meditation, the inner body was grasped by duality, then experience a lot of chaos. After deeply touched by meditation, not only the grip of duality is loosening, the inner body begin to breathe the fresh air of peace .

With the fresh air of peace, it is easier for the inner body to give birth to light. In the story of the masters like J. Rumi, Mahatma Gandhi, J. Krishnamurti, Mother Teresa, the light is even still radiate long after the death of the outer body.

Innermost Secret Body
The secret body is of course secret. Unveiling the secret to any person in any place, it is dangerous. For that reason, this innermost secret body is usually shared through soft poetic languages. It can only be understood by those who has a soft and cool heart.

Let's learn the lyrics of the following children song: "In the top of cempaka tree, finch bird singing. It keeps whistling all the day. It is never boring. Nodding and saying trilily lily lily lily". The message is simple, birds are peaceful of being birds that's why they keep singing, trees are peaceful of being trees that's why the trees are silent. When the birds are peaceful of being birds, the trees are peaceful of being trees, why so many human being are not peaceful of being human being?

In the poetic language of Mundaka Upanishad: "From joy springs all creation. By joy it is sustained. Toward joy it proceeds. And to joy it returns". At the level of innermost secret body (by which read: enlightenment), from the beginningless beginning till the endless ending, life is song of joy.


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